About Us

Welcome to Earth Magick UK!

Here you will find everything your heart desires! Consciously sourced crystals - most of which have all specifically been handpicked by us! Homemade herbal balms and smoke sticks - of which is either homegrown or foraged. Custom made Poppets specifically for you. Singing bowls, oracle cards, art prints and much more!



Hello my angels! I'm Jasmine, and the co-founder of Earth Magick UK. I'm a disabled vegan, huge animal lover (especially rats), and a major crystal enthusiast.

As someone with multiple lifelong chronic conditions, I've always struggled physically and mentally. It's hard to try and remain in a positive mindset when you feel like everything, including your own body, is against you.

Many of my hobbies have been taken from me, as I now struggle physically to play guitar, or pick up any of my artwork. But that's where crystals have come in.

Crystals have released a new passion for me. They truly have lit a spark back in me. They make me happy, they help me see my potential, ground me and comfort me when I'm not at my best, and I could simply get lost in their beauty!

They bring me enjoyment, and the magic of "wow the earth truly created THAT!?!". They help me see how wonderful life is, despite all the adversities that come our way, whatever that may be. And I can't wait to share that with you; so you can all get your spark back too!


Hello everyone! I'm Jenny and co-founder of Earth Magick UK. As well as being Jasmine's weird and wacky mum, I'm a practicing Buddhist, Vegan and love all things crystals and witchy!

I wish to bring not just an appreciation of plants and crystals, but a love of what Earth's natural gifts can bring to your everyday; to help heal mind and body.

Plants have been used for many years to help alleviate illness. That may be a cold, fever, headache, infection, to help aid better sleep, alleviate anxiety and so on!

In our modern world, we take medicines, and whilst these are very helpful, we have become very relient on them - rather than natural forms of healing that go back thousands of years. We of course don't suggest replacing modern medicine, however these natural forms can be, and often are, very effective; whether that be in the form of a tincture, balm, oil or tea.

We have lost our Magick, Earths Magick. And I'm here to help bring that back to you.