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Custom Spirit Doll

Custom Spirit Doll

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If you would like your own custom made spirit doll, please contact us in one of the following ways;

• via the ‘contact us’ form on the website

• via Instagram / Facebook message @EarthMagickUK 

• email

• text 07932730659

Prices start from £120 and will be made to fit your desired outcome/purpose.

There is no pressure to buy when contacting us, we will simply listen to what you’re requiring, give feedback on what we can make for you and the cost, and if all sounds good we will then go from there   
Once we have confirmation that you would like to go ahead with the custom order, we will upload a custom listing onto the website for you to pay. The spirit doll will then take approximately a week to be made, but we will keep you updated. We will also send pictures of the bundles placed inside the doll. 

What are spirit dolls?

A ‘spirit doll’ is a familiar. One who is very close to you. Depending on the medicine bundle inside, and the meaning of the doll, they can help with protection, physical or mental health, happiness, grief, etc. 
Or they can be an aspect of you; I.E. if you are someone that likes to be solitary and enjoys the forests, or someone that likes to work with ancestors, or someone that is a healer and likes to help others etc. 
There are also dolls that are deities such as Brigid, Cailleach, The Banshee, The Witch, Medusa etc. and these will hold the energy of that deity to be able to work with you. 

The dolls can be something you keep with you every day in a bag, or put by a bedside, or put on an alter or shelf. 
They are part of you, and are to be used and spoken to. 

Credit to @SacredFamiliar and #SacredFamiliarDollCourse for teaching me how to make these. 

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