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Dream Amethyst Elephant

Dream Amethyst Elephant

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Approx 5x4cm 

Elephant totem symbolizes luck, prosperity, removal of obstacles, wisdom, and good omens. Your family and loved ones need you. You must protect them. Strong familial ties are the backbone of your relationship with the elephant 

Spiritual Growth - Inner Peace - Stability 
Chakra; Third Eye, Crown 
Zodiac; Pisces, Aquarius 
• Known as an "all healer“ amethyst is believed to have strong cleansing and healing power for the mind and body
• Best known for its spiritual properties, Amethyst is said to enhance spiritual awareness, accelerate intuitive and
psychic abilities, and encourages selflessness
• It's believed to help battle addictions, calm an overactive mind, and aid in decision making
• It's said to help with relaxation, bringing you peaceful sleep, and purifying the body of negative energies - releasing your body of any anxieties
I am calm and find peace within the chaos

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