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Ethiopian Opal (b) - Specimen Grade

Ethiopian Opal (b) - Specimen Grade

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*This opal is SPECIMEN GRADE so keep me wet!* 

This opal will come with a display jar. Make sure the opal stays submerged in water. It can be held to be observed - but do ensure you keep dunking it to keep it wet! 

I contain gorgeous purple hues which is very rare to find! 

- Balance - Spirituality 
Chakra; All 
Zodiac; Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces 
• Brings stability and helps restore emotional and mental balance 
• Boosts spiritual development, helps with communication to other realms, and aids in connecting with animal and spirit guides 
• Helps to release anger, fears, negativity and self-doubt, and releasing all that no longer serves you 
• Said to bring goodluck and fortune, and enables you to embrace change 
I bring balance and serenity to every aspect of my life

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