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Leopard Skin Jasper Point

Leopard Skin Jasper Point

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Approx Height 9cm 

Protection - Spirituality - Balance 
Chakra; Root, Heart 
Zodiac; Gemini, Scorpio 
• Said to balance the yin yang energies and to align the
body with the mind and the spirit 
• Believed to be able to join or unify all aspects of your life, and it creates an awareness of helping other people 
• Excellent to use when working with animals. It's also great for boosting vour ability to understand the animals that you're working with. Plus, it brings a sense of harmony and helps with alignment 
• Its associated with spiritual discovery and shaman travel 
• Strongly protective, and because of its ability to work with light and dark, it can help take bad/negative experiences, and turn them into moments that were in fact beneficial to you as a person. This is a strong ability to take the negative and turn it into positive 

I am protected and can begin my healing journey

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