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Rose Quartz with Black Tourmaline

Rose Quartz with Black Tourmaline

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Approx 8x6cm 


Rose Quartz 
Love - Kindness - Harmony 
Chakra; Heart 
Zodiac; Taurus, Libra 
• Promotes self-healing and self-love 
• Stone of unconditional and universal love 
• Creates a calm atmosphere and promotes forgiveness 
I open my heart to give and receive love 

Black Tourmaline 
Protection - Balance - Grounding
Chakra; Root 
Zodiac; Capricorn 
• Best known as the ultimate protection crystal, black
tourmaline is used to repel and protect against negativity 
• Helps bring emotional stability; relieves victim mentality, embarrassment and anxiety 
• Said to boost vitality and increased intellectual sharpness 
• Good to place near electronics as it's believed to help
clear and protect against Electromagnetic fields 
• Helps ground you by bringing you into the present
moment and away from external worries and fears 
I release all negativities. I am safe and protected. 

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