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Strawberry Quartz Alien

Strawberry Quartz Alien

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Approx 6x4.5cm 

Aliens remind us that we can explore the world and discover something extraordinary that can change the way we view ourselves and the world around us. They can often be seen as helpful guides who can provide wisdom and knowledge to those in need. They bring you an invitation to explore new levels of consciousness and to open up to unknown possibilities, also highlighting that inner deep desire for growth and spiritual exploration. 

Balancing - Confidence - Grounding  
Chakra; Root, Sacral  
Zodiac; Scorpio 
• Strongly protective and grounding  
• Helps to restore balance to your energies, and inspires positivity and optimism   
• Increases self confidence   
• Boosts concentration and focus 
Fill me with composure and joy 

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