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XL Moss Agate Skull

XL Moss Agate Skull

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Approx 17x11cm 2.55kg  

Crystal skulls are seen as teachers. A crystal skull opens a gateway to the soul, being a representation of the inner being. It is a very powerful tool when it is used for self-discovery, and it can open pathways of personal growth and enlightenment  

Prosperity - Nature - Stability 
Chakra; Heart, Root 
Zodiac; Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn 
• Encourages green fingers: gardening and the growth of new crops  
• Attracts prosperity, wealth and success 
• Helps concentration, endurance and persistence 
• Helps to release trapped emotions 
• Facilitates your connection to Mother Nature, helping you become more present, stable and grounded in the physical world  
• A gentle healer for sensitive souls 
I am constantly growing, evolving and becoming the best version of myself  

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